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Rockin' the Roundup: Blogging Series - Monetize Your Blog

The simple DO's and DON'Ts that every needs to know about advertising their posts on

Resultado de imagen para portadas para eventos de facebook

Keep calm and listen to one direction !

No offence to anyone but the 'Keep calm' normally gets on my nerves because it is posted so much for so many different things. But this one, I can make an exception for.

Highlight - location based discovery app, sounds freaky but useful when in conferences & events

Here's How To Manage Your Pinterest Like A Boss

How To Build A Strong & Perfect Password

Top 20 Most Common Passwords of All Time - Great infographic on which passwords to avoid and how to build a more secure password. Read and head!

This sapphire smartphone screen is strong, strong, strong

Sapphire phone screen article by Jessica Dolcourt on CNET.

The Spam vs WhiteList Infographic Spam vs Whitelist Infographic, what and how do individuals define and categorise spam as well as other interesting stats and facts including industries with the best and worst open rates.