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Bici-Cortadora de pasto!

Interesting Idea on cutting the grass and exercise at same time. Not that cutting the grass isn't exercise enough. An improved riding lawn mower! This is how the riding lawn mower should be

1 vieux vélo + 1 vieux caddy = 1 nouveau kart ! / 1 old bicycle + 1 old grocery cart = 1 new cart-bike !

How to Build a cart bike--I'll need this when I'm that old lady who's too blind to drive and I ride a bike around everywhere.

John Deere lawn mower bike

Lawn Mower Motorcycle, as long as this isn't your only bike this is cool. If you mow a big enough lawn, this makes it a lot more fun.

Garden Pathway Ideas and Inspiration

56 Enchanting Garden Paths

Garden Pathway Ideas and Inspiration

bicycles and survival - iKnife Collector

CargoBike,Tricycle,IceCream Carts,Beer Cart Tricycle,Hot dog Carts on Bicycle

Concept de téléphone en braille

DrawBraille – Un téléphone portable en braille pour les non-voyants

The "DrawBraille" is a mobile phone concept created for blind and visually impaired. Instead of traditional keys or touch screen, the DrawBraille, as its name

Voici une histoire qui pourrait vous plaire, en particulier quand vous avez une organisation ou que vous invitez souvent beaucoup d'amis chez vous. Comme n

Générez un code QR pour votre mot de passe WiFi

Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code. Never get asked by friends again.great idea for guest room! Or even a small sign in guest room with wifi password would be great!

Table basse tactile Windows 8 à $7000

Table basse tactile Windows 8 à $7000

File this one under "random tech gadgets you never knew you wanted so badly"! >>> The Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer - Hammacher Schlemmer