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piràmide de maslow i social media

Social Media y la teoría de necesidades de Maslow #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs is an important psychological theory that addresses the stages of growth in humans. This infographic takes Maslows theory and looks at the social media tools that fulfill these needs.

Your Brain on Love [infographic] | MeetMindful

the science of falling in love - the chemistry of love. I equate the feeling people have about the 'magic' of falling in love to religion and other forms of mysticism.

Change a Habit in Three Steps with This Flowchart

Change a Habit in Three Steps with This Flowchart

Psychology infographic & Advice Change a Habit in Three Steps with This Flowchart. Image Description Change a Habit in Thre

INFJ. This describes me so well....I'm only slightly bothered that it makes me sound very boring :)

My grandmother, my aunts, and I are all INFJs. Very interesting!Image detail for -INFJ - My ' Myers-Briggs' Personality Type


What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.

Rappresentazioni emozionali del pensiero: le mappe mentali – DidatticarteBlog

Right Brain vs Left Brain Left brain people: process info in a linear manner, identify important details, are analytical, move in a sequential order, and use logic to solve problems. Right brain.

Infographic of the mindset between successful and unsuccessful people.

From "Information Graphics" by Sandra Rendgen (via Brain Pickings) -- 'Two Mindsets,' Stanford, magazine article, Data Source: Carol Dweck: 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success', Design: Nigel Holmes

How Anger Affects the Brain and Body [Infographic]

How Anger Affects the Brain and Body [Infographic]nicabmNational Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine


Most asthma sufferers use inhalers to control their breathing. The asthma inhaler gives quick relief when finding in hard to breath and control the asthma. There are many types of inhalers and they are prescribed to asthma patients according to their diag

Brain Logy (Some amazing facts about brain) #infografia #infographic

Brainology: 15 Intriguing Facts About Your Brain [Infographic]

The human body is an unsolved puzzle. And the human Brain? Perhaps the most tough riddle to be solved. Brain is a versatile organ functioning in the

Right brain / Left brain

Right brain / Left brain. I am definitely left brained but I want to stimulate baby Ike's right brain!