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Jaguares... so nostalgic for me. :-P

"Te Lo Pido por Favor" by Jaguares was added to my Descubrimiento semanal playlist on Spotify

MosquitoesUnusual US Zika virus case baffles experts

Unusual US Zika case baffles experts

Experts are trying to work out exactly how a US carer has caught Zika after tending to a dying elderly man with the virus.

In 1848, a railroad worker survived an accident that drove a 13-pound iron bar through his head. The injury changed his personality, and our understanding of the brain.

Why Brain Scientists Are Still Obsessed With The Curious Case Of Phineas Gage

(Black 47- "Funky Céilí") Great way to stay energized!

Black 47 Funky Ceili (Bridie's Song) Album: Fire of Freedom