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Sum Times by Aakash Nihalani

Sum Times: Clever Mathematical Street Art from Aakash Nihalani windows street art math doors

The Strange Attractor

New York photographer and mathematician, Nikki Graziano, has combined art and math in a rather simplistic and beautiful manner. Photographing the mundane, Nikki extracts the organically occurring functions found in and around nature.

A Grid of Audio Speakers That Shoots Fleeting Patterns of Fog by Daniel Schulze

'For Those Who See" creates a visual format for sound - watch here to see the art/design installation that takes sound and converts it into a visual medium, consisting of a series of boxes, or chambers, that are filled with smoke.

sum times by aakash nihalani in new york — aakash nihalani , art — art happy

Kurt Perschke RedBall Project

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project: giant red balls are about to invade Britain

(Red Ball project by Kurt Perschke, on La Salle Street Bridge, Chicago)

Street Eraser series imagines if we could take the Photoshop erase tool to the real world

Street Eraser: Artists Take Photoshop Erase Tool to Real World

Did you know there is a giant LEGO bridge in Germany... This made me think of Paige @Amy McConnell

Street Artist Megx Creates Giant Lego Bridge in Germany. How lovely it would be if all bridges were painted like this. the travel would be so much better.

Matthias Heiderich

by Matthias Heiderich

lenticular composition #2: neither here nor there

Artwork Collection from Chronopher Derek Bruno: Exciting Artwork Collection For Modern Homes Different Shades

Street Art Magic ‏@streetartmagicshared via Twitter... Patrick Murphy's installation on Walker Gallery, #Liverpool.  ♥≻★≺♥

color, scale Belonging : Patrick Murphy Artist, installation on Walker Gallery, Liverpool for Liverpool Biennial

Clever mathematical street art by Aakash Nihalani.

Sum Times - Aakash Nihalani "incorporates his signature style forms into urban environments to work as simple (and clever! For example, one window + one window = two windows.

The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar Pop Up Design8

Image 9 of 13 from gallery of Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar / HASSELL. Photograph by Bonnie Savage