"For a minute there I lost myself" by Marie-Esther.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"For a minute there I lost myself" by Gaia Alari aka Marie-Esther


"The Kiss", David Walker, Street Art in London Town. The Kiss Keka❤❤❤

Saatchi Art Artist Sonja De Graaf; Painting, "NOT FOR SALE - Lost in her own universe #3" #art

Lost in her own universe #3

Saatchi Art Artist yossi kotler; Painting, “soul inspiration” #art

Soul inspiration

"soul inspiration" Original Painting by Artist Yossi Kotler from Saatchi Online

Little Bird 2 Painted with Indian Ink and Watercolour by Abby Diamond. I want to do something with water color

The Clockwork of Chinky: Photo

Illustration by Zakhar Krylov -to print an altered black and white photo and then enhancing it with ink and paint, don't think thats what they did but I like the idea, for senior pictures or photography ideas for other grand occasions