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buttons and wire. Such a cute/pretty idea. Make a ton of these and hang them from your reception ceiling mixed with twinkle lights :)

Button Heart Wreath A beautifully delicate wire heart from East of India decorated with gorgeous mother of pearl buttons.

Easy button magnets - good use for all of those hodge podge magnets I love and never know what to do with.

Simple DIY tutorial for creating easy button magnets. Pretty cutesie thing to do with my vintage buttons.

DIY stamp and fabric stamping technique

Roundup: 14 DIY Textile Ideas for Your Next Craft Project

Fabric to stamp. Make stamps from sticky backed foam sheet. Make stamp pad from scrap felt and fabric paint in a small tray.

DIY Tutorial: How to: Fabric Covered Switchplate

DIY Fabric Covered Switch Plate Tutorial ** Buy dollar store pillow covers or use scrap/remnants from fabric store for each room**

how to dye white plastic buttons using Rit

How-To: Dye Your Own Buttons

How to dye buttons. I had no idea buttons could be dyed - fantastic since white buttons are plentiful. Would also be useful for making button necklaces. How to dye buttons!

Hot glue a colorful paperclip to a cute buttin, with a small piece if felt covering the top of the clip on the back to hide glue. That's it!

Simple and cute button bookmarks // I Heart Nap Time Hot-glue a cute button to a paper clip. Cover with a small piece of felt to keep the clip and button sealed together.

Created from disposable cookie sheets. Faux Tin Tiles, love this idea as way to make a tin ceiling without having to pay an arm and a leg. I'd use flashing instead of cookie sheets

Faux Tin Tiles Tutorial (using dollar store foil cookie sheets) I am totally redoing my ceiling with these!

glow in the dark resin heart

Resin jewelry making resin art supplies

How to make glow in the dark resin hearts - Resin Obsession

Buy plastic animals from dollar store, cut in half, spray paint gold, and glue magnet on bottom. FUN!

Animal magnets: buy plastic animals from dollar store, cut in half, spray paint gold, and glue magnet on bottom.

Make any fabric look braided :)

Ruching – A french tutorial

2013 Calendar by Alice Gao | In November 25% of proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

I have always wanted to design a little calendar using some of my photos from the year. This year, I thought it would be fitting to use Inst.

Binky Bunny Pattern

Baby Binky Bunny PDF printable pattern by mmmcrafts on Etsy-possible baby gift