I'm confuse but k

" His face is so offended I can't<< I find all their faces hilarious.

1st. Why is he holding the cat like a bird 2nd. Why is this me and my friend

Why is he holding the cat like a bird Why is this me and my friend «« XDD it's a scene from the emperor's new groove

yo bruh he doesn't have a pulse

"Daddy needs Papa alive so he doesn't have to do the taxes-"

2p Germany missunderestimates him. Germany is the most adorable in the fourth pannel! This is great.

And German metal! Probably Neue Deutsche Härte! So many of my favorite things wrapped up into one comic strip!

SweFin Wedding

SuFin and Sealand. <--- Their absolutely hands down the happiest pair in the world.<---- They are absolutely hands down the only canon gay ship in Hetalia besides for Russia and Lithuania


ADORABLE-- Oliver doesn't need a mochi he's already one (^ω^)

Hetalia  2p Austria and 2p little Italy : Piano

Hetalia Austria and little Italy : Piano>>>omg thats fucking adorable 😍

X3 2p! Germany & Baby Germany!!!! X3 Cuteness Overloading *dies*

Burst with excitement!

Cuteness Overloading *dies* <<< Baby Germany is sooo precious!


*dies laughing* (Does that mean America knows when the states start fucking around and being dicks to each other ?

Hetalia. Prussia and his 2p. Apparently, 2p Prussia is mute in this. A popular theory, but I don't believe he would be.

Prussia and his think they'd get along fine owo Pretty sure he won't be mute though, maybe Canada like. But more of a stoic and melancholy like persona // Aw, poor little Prussia :(

2p! France is always in a bad mood isn't he

France is always in a bad mood isn't he, and Iggy apparently has a goat corpse in the fridge