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baby duckies are the cutest!




Adorable Duckling Wallpaper 1720 2560 x 1600

Fluffy Little Yellow and Brown Mallard Duckling - Baby Duck --- cutie!

Fluffy Little Mallard Duckling --- cutie!


Photo Happy Easter by Robert Adamec on


Sweet Little Baby Ducks.Really disguised mass killers

Kiss me,Baby

Kiss me,Baby

"Where is mom?? I think, I'm lost!!" ♥️ :))

Many wonderful little pets are merely waiting to be adopted, too. Each cat might have to be licensed if it will be accepted to reside at the cafe.

My Friend Found an Egg on The Lawn

Duckling = cutest critter in creation

smiling duckling

Photo by Dianne Photos


if only they didnt poop so much

A Friendship Full of Fluff

A Friendship Full of Fluff

Easter is a hard time for young baby ducks, rabbits and chickens. People buy them for Easter, then are unprepared for the adult animals they become. Cherish and respect life!

Cute baby monkey

awww, i want a baby monkey!


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