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Lightpainting: It reminds me my days at college! :)

painting with light photography

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Lightpainting a Model: Dressing Up In Light

Me ha costado mucho trabajo descifrar cómo realizaron esta foto y hasta que punto está retocada... Ustedes que opinan?

Photograph Beach Fighters by Régis Matthey on

long exposure idea

This is a revision of Light Breathing with a little twist on it. I love how this one came out comparative to Light Breathing. You can see the light ray where there is not direct light tracers.

I like this photograph because of the way the light has been moved around makes it look like the model has a butterfly wing and gives off a really nice but subtle effect

lights painting with fire or a light beam to create wings and characters from the dark. could be an la class project to get them to show the root of their characters (secrets revealed)


Light Painting with Lady Em Photography! Just love the freaking picture.

The girl never told anyone about her gift. She didn't say anything. She couldn't. Her voice was the price of her powers and for the sake of the world, it was a price she had to pay.

See like this, what do you think this girls story is. How did she get her powers? Pictures like this are excellent writing prompts

35 Excellent Examples of Long Exposure Photography

long exposure photography is a way of photography which uses a long duration shutter speed. Here are a collection of wonderful of long exposure photos.

Pyromancer - by Tom Lacoste

Stunning Fire Photography by Tom Lacoste

Michael Bosanko – Light Graffiti « Hardergeneration

HarderGeneration, unusual lifestyle with dark edge

Pixelstick - lightpainting evolved | Reviews

Pixelstick - lightpainting evolved | Reviews

Disappearing - You can try this, take this photography as inspiration.

Disappearing - You can try this, take this photography as inspiration. Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

I like this picture of movement because the subject is still focused and the water adds complexity to the picture

This picture was taken with an incredibly fast shutter speed so that it could quickly capture the flying water droplets. The reflection adds so much more of an interesting view to this picture; because it's as if you're seeing it double.

This photo is able to convey the movement of the dancer in a creative way and creates a cool way of mapping out her movement.

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Time Lapse Photography By Kang Seon Jun

Awesome dancing shoot...not a fan of the clothes though!

Awesome dancing shoot, i need this is my life

I have such a fluffy princess gown I need to play in it a bit before it's put away for 20+ years

Pomysł na ślubny portret panny młodej