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How to Begin Zen Meditation (Zazen). Meditation can be an invaluable means to de-stress. If you're feeling under pressure, experimenting with meditation can help. Zazen is a type of meditation unique to Zen Buddhism. It involves focusing.

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Mossy Garden Buddha Lava stone Buddha collection from Design MIX Furniture in Los Angeles

300-400 CE. Gandharan Buddhist Head  stucco. From Hadda a Greco-Buddhist archeological site near the Khyber Pass, just south of Jalalabad, Afghanistan. V&A.

Head of Buddha Shakyamuni, Gandhara region of Afghanistan--once a Buddhist culture, now they're blowing up every Buddha statue in their land--killing & destroying.


In a restaurant on the edge of Ubud, Bali this amazing buddha sits in a pond surrounded by a beautiful garde

Though we all have the seed of loving-friendliness in us, we must make the effort to cultivate it. When we are rigid, uptight, tense, anxious, full of worries and fears, our natural capacity for loving-friendliness cannot flourish. To nurture the seed of loving-friendliness, we must learn to relax. In a peaceful state of mind, such as mindfulness meditation, we can forget our past differences with others and forgive their faults, weaknesses, and offenses. Then loving-friendliness naturally…

lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. Buddha Stunning cobalt blue statue of Budhha.

Mid Century Modern Budda

Hollywood Regency - Eclectic - Mid Century Modern Buddha Face Vase

Buddha Head  Gandharan  Kushan period  about 3rd century A.D.  Object Place: Gandhara, Northwestern Pakistan  DIMENSIONS  Overall: 24.4 x 15.2 x 17.8 cm (9 5/8 x 6 x 7 in.)

Buddha Head Gandharan Kushan period about century A. Object Place: Gandhara, Northwestern Pakistan DIMENSIONS Overall: x x cm x 6 x 7 in.

Meditation. Peace. Buddha.

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