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flourescent light

Audi’s 2012 CES booth with hundreds of neon tubes…

Centre Cultural Ferreries, Tortosa. Josep Camps - Olga Felip

Blue Party in Venice, cerimonia di premiazione del contest Next Landmark

Ferreries Cultural Centre Centro culturale Ferreries Tortosa Josep Camps Povill e Olga Felip Ordis architettura contemporanea Spagna

the 2010 Audi car show case is presented excellently. The open spaces between the cars allows a lot of people to be able to get a clear view of them.

Audi: "Audi at CES 2012" Design & Branding  by tisch13 GmbH, München

The Design & Branding titled Audi at CES 2012 was done by GmbH München advertising agency for Audi in Germany.

Ying Chang takes graphic design’s grid system into three dimensions

RCA graduate Ying Chang has created a three-dimensional modular system of furniture based on the two-dimensional grid system used in graphic design.