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Spanish sculptor Isaac Cordal started the Cement Eclipses project in mixing urban street art with sculpture and photography. Cement Eclipses has been spotted in several European cities including Berlin, London, Brussels.

Street art: Ce qui est fabuleux avec l'art urbain, c’est que c’est l’art qui vient à vous et vous surprend au tournant d’une rue.


Street art by pavel puhov out of Russia. I love his playful interaction with urban surroundings, turning common structures like bridges, walls, and street lamps into places for art.

vintage infographics

The Stuff of Life: The Origins of Bathroom Signs

Interesting Trivia - how long does that animal live? What is the average lifespan of a wolf? What about a woodpecker? This infographic looks at the lifespan of different species and how long they live.

Intervenção Urbana é um tipo de manifestação artística, geralmente realizada em áreas centrais de grandes cidades. A intervenção urbana consiste em u

21 Intervenções urbanas criativas pelo mundo

Tiny, Heartbreaking Street Art Sculptures from Isaac Cordal

More Tiny, Heartbreaking Street Art Sculptures from Isaac Cordal

spanish street artist isaac cordal has extended his 'cement eclipses' project as part of the BLK river festival in vienna.

Highly realistic shadows! Nov. 2011 by Tasso - presumably in Germany

Haling from Meerane, Germany, street artist Tasso (aka does some incredible work with spray paint. Beyond street art, Tasso also has an extensive gallery of canvas work along with some incredible sketches, drawing and

3D Paintings on the Street by Edgar Muller 3D Chalk Art , Street Art 비비바카라 へ へWWW.KIA47.COM へ へ비비바카라 비비바카라 비비바카라

Amazing Art Collection 400 awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this Christmas! Amazing Street Art of Edgar Mueller Pics)


Find a construction worker and sweet talk them into letting you hold their hand while they swing a wrecking ball into a building.

Pejac- Street art - grattage - Palestina

New Powerful Street Art by Pejac

By Pejac - Located in Al Hussein, Jordan ‘’With these four small interventions i am trying to tell a minimalistic story about the Palestinian refugees in Al Hussein.


Umbrella Art: Yellow Since 1877 by Sam Spenser

Yellow umbrellas in a tree - "Bloom" umbrella installation art by Sam Spencer

3D chalk mini figs :)

I Wish All Streets Had Lego Minifigs Painted on Them

LEGO Amazing Sidewalk Chalk pavement art: 17 July People play on a street painting at Wanda Square in Fuzhou

20 works of street art that make you say: how did they even think of this?

I love it when artists play with nature in their work. In particular I have a thing for that kind of art that puts nature into a different perspective and makes you look at it in another way. A selection of artists have done exactly.

By Strictly[dih-zahyn]ers in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Beirut, Lebanon. In Beirut, Lebanon you can find these steps painted in a rainbow of colors that resemble piano keys. There’s almost a kind of rugged beauty about them.

So cool. / Shoreditch street art, London / ♥ The "shadow" is part of the artwork  www.facebook.com/...

/ Shoreditch street art, London / The "shadow" is part of the artwork Schitterend zowel de tekening,maar de schaduw heel erg mooi lb xxx.