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Silent alarm clock & sleep sensor

Silent Un-Alarm Clock & Sleep Sensor by LARK: Designed by sleep experts to help regulate your sleep schedule and gently wake you up at the most optimal time

Loop micro USB for iPad, iPod and iPhone $14.99

The Mohzy loop micro usb & iPhone/iPod cable combines fashion and utility into 1 simple product for most Apple iPhones/iPods, Android smartphones, and Blackberry devices.

Tripac: The iPad case with a built in battery by Tri Innovation — Kickstarter

The Tripac by Tri Innovation is an ingenious bit of tech that clips onto the back of your tablet and drastically reduces charge time. It offers your iPad protection, your battery life will be doubled, and it lets you charge other devices too!

iPhone/iPod Bluetooth Wireless headphones $99. NEED. Though I wish they were a tad smaller.

JayBird SB2MB Wireless Sportsband Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones


The Littlest Black Book from case maker Pad & Quill is custom designed for your iPod Nano. It looks like a mini-Moleskine complete with a tiny, red bookmark.

ChargeCard for Apple iPhone and Android Smartphones - lifestylerstore - http://www.lifestylerstore.com/chargecard-for-apple-iphone-and-android-smartphones/

ChargeCard for Apple iPhone and Android Smartphones David would love this