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Descubre cómo eran los famosos de jóvenes

33 Funny Pics & Memes With Humorous Intentions

Crazy funny pics and memes from the insanely weird to strangely nutty and vintage. Get your daiy humor on with this odd collection of bizarre humor from

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Apply This On Your Hands, Wait 15 Minutes And The Wrinkles Will Disappear Completely!

La forma de tus pies dice mucho de tu personalidad

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4-D ultrasounds show fetuses grimacing as mothers smoke. A new study may give pregnant women who smoke a new incentive to quit: 4-D ultrasounds show that the habit is causing their unborn babies to grimace. “Technology means we can now see what was previously hidden, revealing how smoking affects the development of the fetus in ways we did not realize,” study co-author Brian Francis, a professor at Lancaster University, said in a news release.  Read more about the study at FOXNEWS.com…

Disturbing Ultrasounds Show How Unborn Babies React When Their Mothers Smoke

Cómo limpiar las gomas de la puerta de la nevera

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