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Heróis de infância

emredurmus '08

The collection name is: Old School Heroes by Fáb Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo modernizar ícones da arte, cinema e história. Dalai Lama vestindo oncinha.

Velhos ícones, novos hipsters

"quiver ladies, quiver" hahaha Fab Ciraolo Chilean illustrator combines pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy in a mind-bending amalgamation

East End Prints - Ahanu, €23,50 (http://www.eastendprints.co.uk/ahanu/)


"Ahanu" is a Native American name which means "he laughs".which is exactly what we do every time we see this adorable print. New art from feature Artist Kris Tate is now available as a wall decal.

Paula Metcalf

Paula Metcalf on

Lots of beautiful wildlife (tho not jaguars - artistic license :-))”


Lucy Flies South CBBC I was commissioned to produce an eight page book about an easily distracted swallow called Lucy.

Fab Ciraolo - Bambi

Ilustrações Heroes Old School de Fab Ciraolo

Alessandra Lemos Lole, Everybody-loves-a-winner

Desenhando sensações

1990s by Eko Bintang, "The Individualist", Alexander McQueen, ELLE Indonesia.

"The Individualist", Alexander McQueen - for ELLE Indonesia by Eko Bintang. He’s an Illustrator and Art Director based in Jakarta Indonesia.