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Tal vez no te lo digo pero

I like Internet. I love sleep. But internet seems to win every time.

Kellin doesn't sound like a girl; he sounds like a little kid and it's adorable. I love it!! :)

Death Note xD It would have been funnier if she wrote in the Death Note instead of shooting the Twilighter. Who the hell is on Team Kira?

Mormon joke

50 of the funniest Mormon Memes on the Internet

Why the Brother of Jared is not listed by name in the Book of Mormon.

Hilarious LDS General Conference Memes just in time for Conference.  Mormon memes

Hilarious - Gut Bust'n General Conference Memes to Get You Ready For LDS General Conference

ahhh, naps... can't live with them, can't continue your day without them. :)

Funny pictures about Every Time After I Take A Nap. Oh, and cool pics about Every Time After I Take A Nap. Also, Every Time After I Take A Nap photos.


Yui, from K-ON! that so true i need anime in my life to laugh and have a good time. so true!