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“Better kisser or : what took you so long!

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My new favorite TV character - The angel Castiel from Supernatural. almost all of my favorite Cas moments

Una vida SPN http://ift.tt/1hJYDm0 #Supernatural #Sobrenatural #UnaVidaSPN…

He traces all of us it's okay to think outside the box and be special. Misha promotes and suggests it

❤️❤️❤️proud to be apart of the SPN family

I totally read Jensen's as "You are alone" and I was like, "Way to go, Dean. Way to be the loveable downer you are. Never mind, it's Jensen.

Amo muito!

monicad-photography: “Jensen Ackles : Jus In Bello convention, Rome, Italy, 20 May 2017 ”

This adorable man.

haha----You won't be laughing when he bursts into your house with all his moose rage

Jensen ❤️

Jensen Ackles ♥◡♥ at the Saturn Awards 2016 CREDITS to the owner ;) Awards June 2016 in Burbank, California

Dean the stay at home mom Dean the stay at home mom

Of course dean cooks! He RAISED Sammy and had to make food for him. He lived in the suburbs for a while and you know he cooked then too!