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Dean Winchester is my hero. And Jensen & Danneel are constantly ruining my life with their perfection.

This is why they left him in the cage

This is why they left him in the cage

True—can I be Misha?

deanandhiscas: “this was objectively the most insane experience of my life, including gishwhes I actually had no idea what I wanted to do for my Cockles op until a few hours earlier on my run to the party store. I’m getting all excited about this, so.


Hi, nice to meet ya. Dean Winchester, righteous man and paranoid bastard

nice sorting hat Jensen!

Sorting the Supernatural - Jensen Ackles in our Sorting Hat JIB Con 5 - 2014

He looked away when he said best friend.

Supernatural // Regarding Dean. He did such a great job with this scene. Broke my heart