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Sam's hair is beautiful

-Supernatural- I think it's time we had another episode where the boys prank each other and as one of the pranks Dean gives Sam a haircut while he's asleep XD

Team Freewill

This is funny! This looks like the cover of their boy band - Supernatural Funny - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel <<it's funny but it hurts.

(gif set) "No, no. His name's Castiel. He wears a trench coat." ||| Supernatural 5x11 "Sam, Interrupted"

Supernatural - It was really funny, but also very sad, because they pretended they were crazy by telling the truth about their lives. 😂 he wears a trench coat

Really though  Sam and dean :)

Their logic is, um, a special kind of logic. The Winchester logic is a unique kind of logic. A one of a kind logic is the Winchester logic.

"I'll watch over you." "That's not gonna happen."

Sams face 😂😂 And Cas is like "I'll watch you!" And deans just embarrassed 😂 Sams loving this. And Cas loves Dean.

Hello Boys

Supernatural Season Season 9 NOTICE: Sam is looking down in both photos but Dean is looking straight at the camera.