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Sawfish by Mathieu AUBEL on 500px www.flowcheck.es taller de equipos de buceo…

Sawfish by Mathieu Aubel A. carpenter sharks are a family of rays. Several species of sawfish can grow to 23 ft

Sharks are cool animals if you ask me. People shouldn't be scared of animals that they don't know about.

Kasen's shark friend: Auden(Meaning: Old Friend), as Kasen has been passed down the right as shark-shell bearer, he befriended a shark one day and they've swam many times since?

Amazing timing!...though, I'd love to see the shark's reaction when the Lionfish venom hits him!

Trained shark kills lionfish

Cat4.POxford.Whale Shark & gringos

30 Cosas Que Debes Dejar De Hacerte A Ti Mismo

We are a Land Based Shark Fishing Team. We fish for records, not food. All fish are caught and released. Sharks are caught, tagged and released to assist in scientific research. Shark DNA samples are.

Great White Shark

the shark rising to seek prey and the climate change makes the shark going in a diffrent directrion

Get ready to pack your bags! Let's take a trip and seek out some clear waters where we can capture shots like this.  Called over-unders, split-shots, or just splits, this photographic technique helps you see both what's inside the water and outside of it at the same time. The lens (usually fisheye) is positioned half above the water and half below the water. If you're inspired to try this out yourself, you can find out what gear you'll need along with some useful tips at the Underwater…

Spectacular Shots Above and Below the Sea

Sperm Whales, Dominica A social group of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) at the surface. Sperm whales regularly come together to bond socially and to rub dead skin off of one another.

almost there.

" by Jim Wu. A great reflection shot of a White-bellied Sea Eagle about to break the water's surface. This species is indigenous to southeast Asian and Australia.

Aprender a bucear

Underwater in Bahamas is the scuba divers theme as they explore underwater ship wrecks dating back to the late

Une Raie Manta avec Rémoras

A Manta Ray with Remoras. Actually, they don’t just get a free ride and free food. It’s a symbiotic relationship as they, in turn, remove parasites from the Manta rays.

http://abeautifulview.tumblr.com/post/18441845332  what a wonderful world.

Smaller fish keep their distance when a blacktip reef shark swims amongst them in shallow water. AWESOME x