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Intereses: Soy especialista de entornos Google Apps por simple fanatismo a las herramientas en la nube que ha desarrollado el gigante informático google. Estoy preparandome para certificarme en Google Apps for Educator (Herramientas Educativas para escuelas y centros de Enseñanza)

A recognized professional in the Indian IT industry, Mr. Anand Mishra is the CEO of Star Infranet, a trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited.

Google Apps for Education has to be the hottest topic in education around   Professional development (PD) around Google Apps is essential for any school to get the most out of Google Apps so here is a list of 5 great resources to learn more about Google Apps for Education.

5 Google Apps for Education PD resources for busy teachers

The Latest in Tech, Tools and Toys for Teachers. Lesson Plans, Classroom resources and ideas for busy teachers. iPad Apps and Android Apps for teachers and students.

Blogger and PBL specialist Andrew Miller offers an array of creative suggestions for using Quick Response codes in the classroom.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching With QR Codes

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes! QR codes are very versatile! Here are some ideas for their use in the classroom.

There is a link to a site where you can create your own QR codes.  The example in the picture is QR codes for sight words.

QR code sight word hunt This may seriously be one of the most unique, age appropriate, best practices ideas for grade tech-infused teaching & learning! Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Technology: QR Fun!

35 Online Educational Resources to inspire inquiry and inventive thinking - Science, Engineering, Technology.

35 Educational Resources to Encourage Inquiry & Inventive Thinking

This is a sponsored post. I’ve scoured the internet, including all of my favourite social media sites, to bring you a fantastic collection of online inquiry and inventive thinking resources…

Morphing into a 21st Century Teacher

More on Being a 21st Century Educator

BEING A CENTURY?EDUCATOR - although this is geared to primary and secondary teachers, it offers much for early childhood teachers to incorporate as well. Many of these practices will come to distinguish great programs from good ones.

Want to be a critical thinker? #HETS

Want to be a critical thinker?

The Help Your Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills Infographic presents the 7 stages of critical thinking to turn your students into critical thinkers.

A blog post on how to create and use QR codes in just a few simple steps!!  It's a lot easier than you would think!

How to create & use QR codes in just a few simple steps! It's a lot easier than you would think.

The Realities of iPads in a Whole-school Setting, with Fraser Speirs

Leading The World's First Deployment Of iPads In A Whole-school Setting: Interview with Fraser Speirs

Google Forms can be used daily for classroom management and/or assessment OR they can be used when you need a break from the mundane

This is a webpage written by high school teachers for those who teach US history who want to find online content as well as technology that you can use in the classroom.

Differentiation the Google Classroom way. Using Google Classroom (part of the Google Apps for Education suite) to better meet students' needs and abilities.

Differentiation the Google Classroom way. Using Google Classroom (part of the Google Apps for Education suite) to better meet students' needs and abilities.

6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads

48 Free Education Apps Sorted by Grade Level Need a break.play an education app. Great for break time or when a kiddo needs to wait patiently for a learning coach to finish with the other student in the home.