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Witch's Garden

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Best curse ever, and I don't think it breaks any major Karmic laws, at least I"m okay with this one :p

Best curse ever. May the full horror of your actions be revealed to you!

The Real Witches' Garden is a practical guide to witchcraft in the garden - whether you have 20 acres or a window box! Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Witches This is true, and this is the reason I don't want to be in a coven (when I am older). It would be nice to have some friends that are witches too, and share our magick ans stuff. but not in a coven Anyway, I don't judge people who are in a coven!

Proud witch

We are witches.female and male as god and goddesses, forever shall we be

Wise Witch

Witchy/I am the Most Powerful Tool in my Life and I will use Me Wisely.

For reals people. Learn to read ...and think for yourselves.

fuckyeahpaganism: I may worship Satan and I’m also going to hell.