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10 mandamientos del perro | Cuidar de tu mascota es facilisimo.com

10 mandamientos del perro

What’s that big, fluffy smile on four legs heading this way? Why, it’s the wonderful Golden Retriever! Eliciting the greatest qualities “man’s best friend” has to offer, the Golden Retriever .

Did you know silver labs are actually bred by two dogs that are related. Such as, 'mother-son' 'brother-sister'... Sick people! You'll think twice when you see a 'silver lab'

Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy, this is the dog were getting. devin wants a chocolate lab but i love the silver!

Stunning Dog Photography | Julie Clegg

Pet Photography: 7 Surefire Tips for Capturing a Dog’s Personality It's about photos but the pics of the pups are adorable