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Dragon Age: New Inquisition Gameplay Trailer & Screencaps

We discovered this man attacking.the building.with a goat. Dragon Age Inquisition ~Poor Josephine spends the whole judgement like "I wasn't trained for this.

cole dragon age it took forever sera my animations dragon age inquisition iron bull AND COLE lavellan segarn lavellan Oh god this is finished actually it looks like they are lost on a family trip and then daddy iron bull throws Sera well cole ducks

ruxandralache: Worked on this between...

Solas and Lavellan. Dragon Age: Inquisition ruxandralache: Worked on this between commissions, because I had to see another kiss. I AM TORMENTING MYSELF. you are tormenting us all!

Almost everything is bigger than they, but they are still happy. If you hold out your hand, they will nuzzle it. It’s how they call you “friend” ” -Cole ”(GIF set) << yeah but such creepy feets tho

femquizzy: “ drejofvalenwood: “ tevinterr: “ vashoths: “ solas is offended ” ” this part fucking broke me like listen up you fat faced piece of magey splooge do you even know who you’re TALKING.