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I love Cantinflas

Katharine Hepburn, 1940's

Katharine Hepburn (May 1907 – June was an American actress of film, stage, and television. She received 4 Academy Awards for Best Actress and she was named by the American Film Institute as Hollywood's top female legend.

The first duty of all to be human is to be happy, the second es to make everyone else happy. ~ Cantinflas

Cantinflas aconseja ser FELIZ ("The primary obligation of all human beings is to be happy, the second is to make every one else happy")

Kevin Costner

Picture: Kevin Costner in 'Bull Durham.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Kevin Costner featuring 37 pictures.

Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" .

Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" .

Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring.

Rachel Carson - - "Silent Spring" published exposed chemical threats to eco system

That's the way to make history

Pedro José Domingo de la Calzada Manuel María Lascuráin Paredes was the president of Mexico for 45 minutes on February after the assassination of Francisco I.

Chucko the Clown; Hosted a kids TV cartoon show on KABC and KTTV in the Los Angeles area in the 1950's-'60's.

Chucko the Clown; Hosted a kids TV cartoon show on KABC and KTTV in the Los Angeles area in the I was a "birthday girl" and was the one who interupted Chucko's live dog food commercial cause I had to go to the bathroom. You had to love LIVE TV!

Richard Gere

Richard Gere (aka Richard Tiffany Gere - ) Actor, Humanitarian, Activist - Numerous movies including some of my favorites: American Gigolo, Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Chicago of which he was nominated for Best Actor. I just love this actor.


Mexican parents be like thowback thursday

paul & GQ

The forever gorgeous Paul Newman

Fotos Inéditas de El Chavo del 8

Don Ramon El Chavo del 8

Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes - Mario Moreno - Cantinflas.  (August 12, 1911 – April 20, 1993), was a Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter known professionally as Cantinflas. He often portrayed impoverished campesinos or a peasant of pelado origin.[citation needed] The character came to be associated with the national identity of Mexico, and allowed Cantinflas to establish a long, successful film career that included a foray into Hollywood.

Cantinflas - Mario Moreno Reyes, better known as Cantinflas, was a Mexican actor, circus performer and comedian. Charlie Chaplin once called Cantinflas the 'funniest man in the world'. Cantinflas did not start his professional life as an entertain

Ŧhe ₵oincidental Ðandy: Frida Kahlo: The Life of A Mexican Icon

Frida and Diego’s wedding photograph, 1929 [Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Mexican artists.

Villa y Fierro.

Rodolfo Fierro and Pancho Villa in happier times.

Immediately after I hear some dumb shit...  Ain't got the patience for it. ✋️

DonaldTrump Somebody slap that puto I'm an gen Mexican American born & raised in A border town (El Paso TX )