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Infographic and editorial design from the El Correo's newsroom

Portfolio of the Week - Josemi Benítez

Birdwatching Observación de aves

This is Visual Journalism [79

I really like the use of pictures to demonstrate how the ball and his hand looks and how there are pictures to show the direction the ball swings. While I like how the colors are similar to the Red Sox, I think having a background or something else visually appealing besides the sketch of hi and the pictures in the bottom right corner would make it more interesting.

Fantastic full-page graphic from the Boston Globe's 2007 MLB section. Great illustration, intriguing information and well-spaced. Love the concentric circles.

Weightlifting and Fence

Portfolio of the Week - Josemi Benítez

Visual Loop - Olympic sports: Fencing and Weightlifting, by Alberto Lucas López (Spain)

A sea of whales

This is Visual Journalism [94

The true art of Infographic design from the top news outlets in the world - and a few words about plagiarism

This is Visual Journalism [96] - Visualoop

This is Visual Journalism [96

A look at the daily routines of 12 Boston sports stars. 2014 By Luke Knox and Shira Springer

Colosal infografía que vimos el pasado fin de semana en La Vanguardia, con un trabajo a tres páginas sobre los dinosaurios, a colación del estreno de “Jurassic World”. Las ilustraciones son de Aldo Chiappe.La Vanguardia (en colaboración con Clarín), del 14 de junio de 2015.También recomendamos: Todo lo que hay que saber sobre la película (La Tercera)

Infographics about Jurassic World, plus the weekly round up with a variety of other topics

Cuerpo de atleta. Infografía para La Tercera Tendencias

Cuerpo de atleta

Cuerpo de atleta. Infografía para La Tercera Tendencias

María Espinoza

Rio 2016: 30 more infographics from newspapers

The second installment of our print infographics selection about the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Perception of danger around the world - Ara Planeta - This is Visual Journalism

(inconsolata) (Utilizar ilustraciones para hablar sobre...)

Breaking news and current events depicted in beautiful infographics from newspapers and magazines

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Future Climate Alaska

Interactive Inspiration [134

The 2015 Data Journalism Awards winning entries, plus the latest interactive graphics that caught our attention

Portfolio of the Week - Michael Campbell - Visualoop

Portfolio of the Week - Michael Campbell

Infographic design showcase from The Indianapolis Star and The Tennessean