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Pencildancers http://bit.ly/1Kp7kKp

Pencildancers http://bit.ly/1Kp7kKp

Pencildancers: Character goals http://www.pencildancer.com/2016/01/goals-and-your-character.html

Pencildancers: Character goals http://www.pencildancer.com/2016/01/goals-and-your-character.html

5 Common Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur-Decent tips, though there are exceptions to every rule. And if you read this post, there's some language in it.

5 Common Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

5 Common Writing Mistakes There are a couple of common writing mistakes that will instantly peg you as a novice to any agent or editor, but are really easy to fix if you know what they are. Click through for writing tips to conquer those 5 common mistak

Write and take your soul into letters of each word

A Writer's Manifesto - Natasha Lester Author of If I Should Lose You and What is Left Over, After

Deep POV brings your reader and your character closer together. Learn one surefire technique to go deep and bridge the gap.

Writing in Deep POV

Write in deep POV to bring your reader closer to your story and your characters-- look at the other articles linked here like 5 common writing mistakes and is your story off to a bad start


I may be a grammar nazi, but I still need help with these from time to time. :P the whole lay/lie thing is one of the most complicated inventions in the English language.

Or write 10 things that happen in your story that your character will never know. I'm on #4 right now.

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

Writing tips: If you're struggling with writing a character, write 20 things that the reader will never know about your character. These will naturally bleed into your writing and provide a richness even though you don't share the detail.

Good list of writing tips and then a good article on how to publish your first book

How to Avoid Tricky Grammar Mistakes: Confusing Plurals

10 writing tips for the most casual of writers up to prestigious authors. These may seem elementary, but building a solid foundation is key to perfecting your writing.

1001 Character Quirks for Writing Fiction- Helps create well-rounded characters!

Pinning to read later - Read this when you have time 1001 Character Quirks for Writing Fiction- I love this! It helps me create well-rounded characters! And once I know more about the characters, the plot seems to unfold by itself!