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like a painting!...   ghost town: entry to glass factory had small shop & living space.

The entry to the abandoned glass factory had a small shop and living areas , looked like a real ghost town .

Ghost towns

Detroit is the world's biggest ghost city. I wouldn't want to live in Detroit per say, but I love the idea of taking an abandoned house and remodeling it to be inhabited again. I love the stone one 8 pictures down. Just amazing architecture. So sad.

Old Farm House

This abandoned house in the Missousri Ozarks is much bigger than the usual house. May have been a hotel or a boarding house. places where has on the things people abandoned.

amusement park.

Abandoned roller coaster at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusets. About its decline: The park was successful until the when larger theme parks started to become more popular. A fatal accident on the park's 1946 "Comet" wooden roller coaster

1923 7 oaks plantation home

Seven Oaks Plantation, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. This photo was taken in The historic mansion was the home of descendants of one of New Orleans’ first settlers,Michel Seringue, who was the contractor who built the first St. Louis Church and the

TITLE: Overgrown Window LOCATION: Abandoned Factory ABOUT MY ART & SHOP I'm a Boston-based photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around me. I'm constantly on the hunt for n

It was a cool autumn afternoon as I explored an this old factory in Pennsylvania. "Overgrown Window" is a dark and moody urban decay industrial photograph featuring colorful vines growing over a windo