@Erica Simpson this is the world of Samson. (Obviously not the set because "hi, minimalism" but like, the world)

Belgian artist Jonas De Ro received a master's degree in fine arts. This is an artist of our time, which is professionally engaged in digital painting.


((CLOSE FOR NOW Jaxx: I zip up my duffle bag and swing it around my shoulder then hoist myself up and out of the camp." I look at them and Deryck nods (Beauty Landscapes Green)

What they might see after they leave the silos. #Wool #Silo49 http://25.media.tumblr.com/480600db52000ab034bde976072561da/tumblr_mu6atyKbIP1s3y3bto1_500.jpg

If they could only tell their stories

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places

Left in the woods of Belgium at the end of WWII -- chatillon car graveyard abandoned cars cemetery belgium 4 Photos of a traffic jam stuck in the woods for 70 years

Coverwork for the Wolsung Steampunk Article in the latest RPG-Magazine Mephisto from June Great for a capitol city


ღ❥ Green & Brown ❥ღ Fairytale forest portal.

Dream Garden Shop

“ Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century. ” This is literally the perfect, most fitting sort of thing to put in the window of an Art Nouveau front like this. One of the things I enjoyed about Brussels was the Art Nouveau.