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Aporte brutal , todos los libros de la Bauhaus en descarga directa y gratis,

Bauhaus is the highest level school of architecture and art construction in Germany. This was made The building it self is again has cubed forms and because of many windows around the building has gread amount of sun light inside

A Bauhaus foi uma das maiores e mais importantes expressões do que é chamado Modernismo no design e na arquitetura, sendo a primeira escola de design do mundo.

The manifesto of the Bauhaus Movement is what my group mate and I tried to reproduce on the background for the photoshoot in order to have a visual reference to such time period.

Joost Schmidt, Mechanical stage design, 1925-1926, Ink and tempera on paper, 64 x 44 cm1a

Joost Schmidt, Mechanical stage design, Bauhaus, Weimar Ink and tempera on paper

Bauhaus: art as life

Bauhaus: Art as Life: Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Eva Forgas, Anya Baumhoff, Klaus Weber:

Great Bauhaus style graphics

Bauhaus - Art as Life by The Idiot. Manipulating the geometric form of a triangle, reflects movement through the use of scaling of the shapes involved.

AD Classics: Dessau Bauhaus / Walter Gropius    What would it cost to have an art building like this one day?

AD Classics: Dessau Bauhaus / Walter Gropius

d i s p l a y / a r r a n g e m e n t ; detail + structure. shape. ghosts of demolished houses

Photography by Marcus Buck. I love how you can see the cross section of the rooms. A great image to link with Rachel Whiteread's casts of a demolished building.

Galería - Clásicos de Arquitectura: Edificio de la Bauhaus en Dessau / Walter Gropius - 5

Galería de Clásicos de Arquitectura: Edificio de la Bauhaus en Dessau / Walter Gropius - 5


Despite the fact that it lasted for only fourteen years, the legacy of the Bauhaus endures and its principles can be seen in much of what we think of today as contemporary or modern design, whether it’s in the homes we live in or the typography we use.

Bauhaus - Graphic Design 2010 by Kenneth Crispus, via Behance

The chosen ethos for my first visual design was the radical concepts of The Bauhaus period. The design is for the promotion of Scwhinn-Built super balloon tire bicycles, which had swooped the world in the and it just so happened that it washed up o…

bauhaus : art as life

Eugen Batz, The Spatial Effect of Colours and Shapes, exercise from Wassily Kandinsky's class, 1929 Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin