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black elven cape by Firefly Path

~Black Elven Cape~ The perfect addition to your gown that will bring it into the fantasy realm. Sweeping chiffon falls from the beaded collar. With Hood

Adult Witch Costume Skirt Full length black by SweetDreamsTutus

Adult Witch Full length black tulle SKIRT. Halloween Costume, Maleficent Costume, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Witch Costume, Goth

Full length black tulle skirt for Victorian Costume, Mourning Dress, Dickens Costume, Penny Dreadful or Vampire, Crimson Peak Costume Skirt

Goth spider costume for Goth festival photo by fuerst, via Flickr

Goth spider costume for Goth festival photo by fuerst, via Flicka. Could easily make an overskirt that is a spider's web

AlexiaEsque: I HEART your corset http://alexiaesque.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-heart-your-corset.html?m=1

Queen of Hearts - Create a card corset, paired with a slim dress underneath or even a tu-tu. Pan: I see your Duct tape corset and Card Dress and raise you a Card Corset. omg I now know what I'm being for halloween.

eyes earrings. That's AWESOME!!

polymer clay, doll eye, earring back/// no tut/// could seriously creep people out with the possibilities here! Imagine on hands too.

Morticia Addams dress from Addams Family Values : Lot 900

gothiccharmschool: “The original Morticia Addams costume. ::siiiiiiigh:: I would love to wear something like this, if only I could silence the Body Image Demons.

Costume simple, économique pour joueur sombre de tous les Pontificats homme comme femme. Garantie à 100% qu'elle va tomber en lambeaux macabres... Et je crois que c'est ce qu'on préfère dans l'idée. Pourquoi pas coller/coudre des plumes, feuilles ou autres décorations ? / Dark and mysterious, this full length tulle cape the perfect ethereal shroud for a witch, ghost, spirit, zombie, wraith, specter, banshee or

Long Tulle Cape with Hood - Halloween Costume for Witch, Ghost, Spirit, Zombie, Wraith, Specter, Banshee or Spook

Bellatrix Lestrange Costume Skirt  Full length black tulle skirt for Harry Potter Witch Halloween Costume, Cosplay.  Wicked witch, Hogwarts. by…

Bridal length Costume Skirt perfect for dramatic Witch Halloween Costume, Bellatrix or Penny Dreadful Cosplay. Wicked witch, Hogwarts