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Cup of joe, brain juice, jet fuel -- whatever you want to call coffee, we can all agree its a magical substance. These comics offer some advice to coffee connoisseurs.

Tips for the Avid Coffee Drinker [COMICS]

Art Directors Club—Rami Niemi

When I first saw these ads for the Art Directors Club I had to laugh, and then I had to share. It might not be as funny to some, but to those who know about fighting the "good fight" in marketing/advertising, these ads do us all some justice.

“I know that feel, bro” (“Eu sei como você se sente, cara”), é uma série de ilustrações de Chris G

os personagens e suas tristes semelhanças

Breaking Dexter! XD XD

Breaking Bad Dexter's Laboratory T-Shirt "Dexter White" design shows Walter White as the cartoon genius, Dexter, holding a beaker of Blue Sky.


You’ll Love How These Characters Turned Into Their Cute And Adorable Versions

This is for using comic sans! #typography

A little humor for the end of the semester - we need it. There are people in my office who still design posters with Comic Sans. Perhaps if I resorted to physical violence, I could remove it from the walls.