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pulpitos, pulpitos

Long Baby Octopus Necklace in Brass with Rubies Michelle Chang Jewelry

Found on www.happydayout.tumblr.com via Tumblr

Adorable Little camera necklaces! Since I love to take pics this would be the perfect git for any type of photographer= 2 thumbs up!

Gothic Steampunk HEART SKELETON KEY Ring by ParadiseFindings, $21.99

Heart Ring, Valentine Gift of Love, Steampunk Key Heart Ring, Vintage Style Skeleton Key, Sterling Silver Finish, USA, Handmade

Ships Free For Valentines, Steampunk Skeleton Key HEART Ring, Authentic Sterling Silver Finish Not Nickle Silver, Adjustable Purity Ring

.Love this BFF necklace! :D

Batman Best Friend necklaces, Personalized Friendship sterling silver CHAINS

Batman and Robin Best Friend necklace set Personalized in sterling silver. Customizable Batman And Robin sterling silver best friend necklaces.

Gold Necklace

Gold Origami Crane Necklace - Reminds me of Sadako and the Paper Cranes

Vintage Hourglass Necklace - JewelMint

Vintage Hourglass Necklace, the one thing you can never get back, reminds me to spend it wisely

Baby and Mama Elephants Ring - High Quality | eBay

I want one for me and my mom: Baby & Mama Elephant Ring. The elephants are a symbols of strength, wisdom and good luck!

Copper Beryl Ring Crystal Spring Blue Sea Green Raw Artisan Handmade. $75.50, via Etsy.

Copper Beryl Ring Crystal Spring Blue Sea Green Raw Artisan Handmade

Handmade copper ring with raw beryl - Very cool ring color and stone. I love that it is just that - a rock - beautiful just as it is.

Mmmm in rose gold...

Shoot me camera necklace gold filled or sterling silver

Great gift idea for a photographer. Shoot Me Camera Necklace. Handmade camera necklace in gold filled or sterling silver wire. gold filled or sterling silver chain.