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Medix informa avances y planes para mercados internacionales - http://plenilunia.com/noticias-2/medix-informa-avances-y-planes-para-mercados-internacionales/40127/

Medical tourism is booming, with many countries jostling to offer high-quality health care at a good price. Click ahead to learn about popular destinations for health care tourism.

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Careers 24 can help you find a new job. There are currently 15 admin jobs in Pretoria available.

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The Damage Caused by the Weight Loss Industrial Complex: How they Stay Rich by Keeping you Believing you’re Unhealthy

Rising AI and Automation Pushes The Role of Doctors In Healthcare

With the changing dynamics of automation in healthcare, Doctors are left feeling a bit insecure.

Why Medicare Advantage Is Costing Taxpayers Billions More Than It Should

The house passes Doc-Fix, a flawed payment formula that has mistakenly cut the amount doctors are paid for treating Medicare patients.The legislation changes the way doctors get paid and aims to reward quality care.

Research: How Do Acute Viral Infections Turn Chronic?

How Do Acute Viral Infections Turn Chronic?

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Returning to School, Exploring your financial options.

Gooseberries are significantly high in phenolic phytochemicals found to have numerous health-benefiting effects against cancer* aging & neurological diseases. The berries are high in Vitamin C. Gooseberry improves growth of hair* hair & skin discoloration & functions as an all-natural hair strengthener. It fortifies roots of hair* retains color by feeding the roots helping avoid early greying. Gooseberry also consists of chromium providing healing in diabetes sufferers. #dherbs

Here are 5 ways to reduce vet bills, keep pets healthy, and keep your finances solvent at the same time.

4 good uses for magazine perfume samples

4 good uses for magazine perfume samples

4 good uses for magazine perfume samples - Living On The Cheap

Trump Could Repeal ACA, What Can Be Expected Interim?

House GOP leaders want more security at town halls amid Obamacare protests

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Collage with clock and calendar, time concept - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

What It's Like to Get Cancer As a Teenager?

What It’s Like to Get Cancer As a Teenager

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With age comes wisdom and a lot of smart life advice. Our columnist shares what she has learned as she has gotten older.