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Sola y feliz

Sola y feliz

Of course it's the queen of sass

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gerard way sass - Google Search

Best Of The Ed Balls Meme

She's so brilliant and such a fucking savage, I love her. Also, "polishing corgis."

I'm still confused about when Harry Potter turned people into frogs?

Source: jooolita - http://jooolita.tumblr.com/post/74830750759

gif gerard way my chemical romance mcr my chem gee way mcr gif gerard way gif gerry way

Throne of Glass, Queen of Shadows. Sassy Rowan

baelin-whitethorn: Aelin might be Queen of Terassen, but Rowan is Queen of Sass- I had to put the book down for a minute first time I read that

My favorite parts of OUAT are when Regina and Rumple try out sassing each other

Awesome Evil Queen Regina in an awesome third season episode of Once