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How to build Halo Armor

How to Build Halo Armor

Hey guys, this is my entry for three contests! Halloween, Office Supplies, and Gorilla Glue! I'll be showing you how to make Halo armor! I really need to add more to this intro. Vote for me!

Halo ODST Armor Build : Table Of Contents (TOC)

Halo ODST Armor Build : Table of Contents (TOC)

Reference figure For this armor could you attach a knife on the right breastplate

My first foam build [[Reach Armor WIP]] Pic Heavy!

Hello I posted a brief "Hello" earlier this morning with a promise to post some progress pics of my build. So without further ado.

How To Build Your Own HALO Outfit: KAT - LolJam.com - An entertainment portal filled with funny, interesting, and odd photoblogs.

How To Build Your Own HALO Outfit: KAT ~ finally someone who didn't slutty it up. I'm seriously sick of girls who take away half the outfit to make themselves COSplay hookers when the actual outfit HAS to keep a girl full clothed to be authentic.