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Love of the Goddess: Hel, Norse Queen of the Underworld

Viking Goddesses | ... depicts Hel – the half maiden-half corpse goddess of the underworld

Norsk Viking God Pictures

SciFi and Fantasy Art Norse goddess hel 2 by Tara Ryzebol

Hel, Daughter of Loki.  Guardian of the dead. We can't all go to Valhalla sadly, but I for one have no fear of an eternity under her beautiful gaze. For the likelihood of my death in battle is slim these days, my selection for the hall of heroes even slimmer but I shall rejoice in a good and bravely met death none the less and come Ragnarok  I'll paint her sly smile on my shield, that smile which is so much like her fathers.

The binding of Fenrisúlfr ("The Fenrir wolf")

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Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама

Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov

Hel Arises by ~zhu-bajiee on deviantART

A fantasy version of the Norse Goddess Hel, worhsipped by the Helsvakt barbarian horde, for Red Box Games. This will be available as an exclusive art pr. Hel Arises

Hel, Norse goddess of the underworld

Hel, daughter of Loki, Norse goddess of the underworld

The Morrigan by Irio on DeviantArt

New one for my mythology characters: Anann the Morrigan celtic goddess of war. The Morrigan

The Dark Gaze of Hel by Petrichora on dA

So, in August of I took an art workshop with Terese Nielsen. I learned a great deal, and finished a sketch of Hel, the Norse goddes. The Dark Gaze of Hel

Hel is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda, queen of the Underworld in Niflheim. Her throne is called "sotte bed" lives in a house called Helheim.Odin threw Hel down to Niflheim and made Hel the ruler of the world of the dead. Anyone who dies of illness or old age is sent to Hel into her army of the dead. The entrance is guarded by a dog Garm and dragon Nidhug.  Ragnarok will come the day, Hel is finished building her ship Naglfar out of the nails of the dead and attacks the humans in Midgard

Hel, goddess of the underworld

Norse mythology - The gifts of the Dwarves

Norse mythology - The gifts of the Dwarves

Norse mythology - The gifts of the Dwarv

LOVE this version of Huginn and Muninn! "In Norse Mythology, Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory” or “mind”) are a pair of ravens that fly all over Midgard and bring the god Odin information.

Skadi Goddess of Snow Norse Mythology :: Skaði, whose name means either “shadow” or “scathe”, is one of the darker goddesses of the North. She is not of godly kin, but the daughter of the etin Thjazi, who stole Iðunn and her apples and was slain in eagle-shape by the Ases while chasing Loki back. In the same verse, she is called the “shining bride of gods”, and the skald Þórðr Sjáreksson calls her “the wise bride of gods”. Although place-names show that she was widely worshipped in elder…

Mitologia y Dioses Nordicos

Skadi: Norse goddess of winter and the hunt she was the wife of Ull, Thor's stepson, she was a strong fighter and quite beautiful . It is said she created the venomous snake that was tortured Loki;

Hello, I'm Kyrie, daughter of Freya, the Norse goddess of love, remembrance, and beauty. I inherited my mother's looks, and I too have a feline-drawn chariot. I am a great singer, humble, fierce, nature loving, loyal, responsible, smart, sweet, honest, and friendly if you don't mess with me. If you do, well...I don't carry swords for nothing.

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HEL, the daughter of Loki and Angrboda. She is the manifestation of the fact that Life and Death are the two sides of existence. Christianity never understood the whole concept of Loki's Circle!!! Chaos and Order, Creation and Destruction, are two, undividable, sides of the same coin! Christians in their ignorance call Loki the Devil, and Hel the mother of Hell!  **would be a great tattoo

HEL, the daughter of Loki and Angrboda. She is the manifestation of the fact…

Original mermaid A4 pencil drawing by lalasdreambox on Etsy, £110.00 (looooove her work!)

Original mermaid pencil drawing by lalasdreambox on Etsy,