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Electroneum ICO Launch 1 November 2017 - ICO #Electroneum #ElectroneumICOCoin #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency

Electroneum ICO Launch 1 November 2017 - ICO #Electroneum #ElectroneumICOCoin #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency


Death’s Head caterpillars, Acherontia Atropos. Photo by Igor Siwanowicz// deaths head.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Firefly, Detroit, Michigan The only thing I miss about living in the South - the beautiful sight of fireflies (They were wiped out in Urban areas in the by the mosquito abatement DDT applications - we had to drive out of town to see them)

A ladybug hitches a ride on a praying mantis!

Ladybug hitching a ride. Photo by mehmet karaca praying mantis are so cool, as are lady bugs!


The Katydid, by Steve Passlow What a beautiful photograph. I'm so glad Steve Passlow shared this shot.

At first glance, I thought I saw a fairy (squint your eyes a little...) dragonfly

Dragonfly after the rain. When I first looked at this I thought the dragonfly was a Fairy!