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I can't choose if I like Cl better with black or blonde, it's really hard you know.

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[HQ] CL for High Cut ❤️ cl una de mis cantantes favoritas

CL the best female keepin it ill keepin it real keepin the party people up in it and keepin it going until the breaker one nine I shake em shake em take em down the whole nine rakin in the dough, yo yo and its no lie (indeed were about th low ride) baby lets cruise baby lets get it like we never got it go for the deuce nah , go for the triple ma, lets hit em like ricola and watch em all get their backs off the wall, get it now..YG Baby!

Gorgeous CL at Mnet’s Choice Awards the baddest female

2NE1 CL - Born in South Korea in 1991. #Fashion #Kpop

kpophqpictures: “ “ [HQ] CL for InStyle Korea Source: leechaerin” ”

CL - The Baddest Female   Gizibe!

CL - The Baddest Female I was singing this song earlier and now it's really stuck in my head!

CL - Grazia Korea Magazine December Issue '15

Watch out, the queen of fierce is back with more pictures from her 'Grazia' shoot!The magazine unveiled a few more cuts of the stunning CL for their p…

CL is a symbol of the global pop golden age to come. We talk to the Seoul-born superstar about her upcoming solo LP. Hello bitches indeed.

Watch CL's Insane Video for New Solo Song "Hello Bitches"

Insane Vídeo do relógio CL para Novos Solistas canção "Hello cadelas"