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Hilarious images of Cows in Hats. (more at the link)

Between Health and Wealth Avenues: Eating for Peace Part Go Dairy Free One Day a W.

Mama Cow bonding with her baby..

Thanks to Chip for sharing this excerpt from his new book “Cow Country Essays and a Little Slantwise Logic!” Time of calving has to be the first thing considered when moving from a high…

sooo cute!! mini moo cow

Are you looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor? Our miniature cattle are born and bred for the first time livestock owner. Three minutes from the heritage town of Braidwood, in NSW, we breed Miniature White Galloway cattle

Günün Fotoğrafı

"On a factory farm, cow’s milk is not intended for baby cows – it’s intended for humans. Therefore, baby calves are not allowed to nurse. They are taken from their mothers as soon as two hours after birth"

I think I will sit :-]

Do you ever have one of those days you feel like being hipster? Me neither, but this cow has. Why stand if you can sit?

A rejected puppen and abandoned kitten adopt each other.

Funny pictures about A puppy and a kitten adopt each other. Oh, and cool pics about A puppy and a kitten adopt each other. Also, A puppy and a kitten adopt each other.