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Spooky  this is located in Columbia.

I don't have an interest in going to Columbia but, this is beautiful. Deserted Places: The Haunted Hotel del Salto at Tequendama Falls near Bogota, Columbia.

Cette maison. Cette maison c’est le maison de la voisine de Karen et Andrew. La voisine s’appelle Morbida destinée. Karen at Andrew pense que quand Boubou va la maison d’elle Morbida mette les potions sur il et ça lui fait il plus gros. Mais en réalité ça c’est pas vrai tout le monde c’est ça. Après que Mary Anne a regarder Karen et Andrew pour le premier fois elle était vraiment peur de Morbida. Après ça Kristy voulaient regarder Karen et Andrew.

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Abandoned house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. This is so sad it was once a very beautiful home . I rember what it use to look like . Its for sale too. Its not to far frome where I live and grew up .

Abandoned ~ I bet this was an amazing house at one time ~ why are they left to decay???

once upon a time, this was someone's beautiful home; Crying shame these wonderful building fall into abandonment

Bennett School for Girls  Irvington, NY

Halcyon Hall (Bennett College) is an Abandoned Place in Millbrook. Plan your road trip to Halcyon Hall (Bennett College) in NY with Roadtrippers.

Creepy Staircase

Halloween Costume Party ideas - Melbourne

Halloween party idea: Spooky Stairwell—Add fireproofed curtains, clusters of candles, and police tape to cordon off the stairs to the private rooms of the house.