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lol and i just realized the only reason why i missed louis sticking his tongue out is bc i was looking at paul haha

Paul's wedding. How great do they all look!? Hottttt stuff

This is like my favorite picture ever! This is how I want my wedding picture to be! Liam will be next to me!

Sorry if its too much but its just hilarious

Read Chapter 37 from the story Cravings (Niall Horan) // AU [BOOK (Editing) by DropYourPantsNiall (Whoop Whoop!

One Direction... Really accurate :D I love niallllll!!!!!!!!

One Direction?

This is hilarious because it sounds like my life!  haha :) Camila From Fifth Harmony. girl, i feel you~

Camila From Fifth Harmony, sounds like something I would say :)

Yes it was Niall it really was.

have chest tattoos” “Niall’s braces are removed” “Liam cursed at Paps” "Harry got a haircut"