Sweet Tweet 1st Birthday Cake

This adorable cake features a ruffled skirt, bright colors,polka dots, and the cutest little birdies! Everything but the topper is fondant, the topper is gumpaste.

Summery Cake by Cakes and Sweets by Ee Peng

Delicious Donut and Ice Cream Cake Inspiration

A cake for an adorable 1-year old whose favourite toy is a large, stuffed monkey.   What better way to showcase her playful and energetic personality, than with a 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed theme.  Rich dark chocolate mud cake with vanilla SMBC.  Gumpaste figures and fondant decorations.  Thanks for looking!

15 Monkeys on a Bed Cake ~ Admit it, we've all sung (and acted out) that old ditty "Monkeys on a Bed". This first birthday cake depicts monkeys in action. We don't know what we love more: how elegant this cake is or how cute the monkeys' expressions are.