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Telemedicine Trends from CDW Healthcare #hospital #tech www.industryview.cdwcommunit.com

Connecting rural communities with care experts, monitoring chronic conditions and other benefits of Via CDW Healthcare

The Virtual Waiting Room

Patients are eager for access to electronic medical records and other electronic capabilities. But do doctors deliver on what patients are waiting for?

El valor de las Historias clínicas electrónicas. #EHR #HCE #eSalud #eHealth #tecnologia

From CDW Healthcare: A special infographic celebrating National Health IT Week on the value of EMRs, the different areas in which patients are impacted.

Healthcare Portals: Millennials and Baby Boomers Engage in Uniqu

Patient Portal Adoption: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials Infographic

[Got Hypertension?]

A comprehensive overview of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) including statistics on leading industry ACOs, various ACO and “at-risk” model o

Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare in 2013 and Beyond

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare via Hitoshi Nakamura Nakamura Ohtsuki Consultant Media

Telehealth powers Population Health Management #Infographic, Population Health, Telehealth

is hanging up land lines and plugging into videoconferencing, virtual visits and smartphones to fortify care management and expand reach to remote and vulnerable populations, according to 2013 market data from the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Customer Experiences in Healthcare Infographic

Two recent studies by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC and Catalyst Healthcare Research have placed the patient experience as "customer" under the microscop

Medical News: Telemedicine Brings City Docs to Rural Patients - in Meeting Coverage, AACE from MedPage Today

Telemedicine Brings City Docs to Rural Patients

Telehealth Networks Bringing Advanced HealthCare to Remote and Underserved Areas

This infographic aims to help healthcare, pharma and medical organisations to better understand if they need an app, and if so, what type of app and how to best promote it.

Health apps are estimated to make up of new Apps currently being developed. If an app can do something that your current website can't, then you n