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Christian Bale - I don't want to meet this man, but he sure looks pretty.

Christian Bale

British-born Christian Bale (b. One of Hollywood's biggest hitters & is as complex as many of the parts he plays. Excellent in The Batman Trilogy!

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born the same year as Joaquin Phoenix, this guy is an amazing actor. No female Gen-Xer's list of celebrity crushes would be complete without Christian Bale.

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Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams Set for David O. Russell's Next Film. Bale stars in previously titled American Bullshit.

Eres mi opcion uno de todo el universo Christian!!

Batman (Christian Bale)

Actor Christian Bale, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Batman in the recent re-boot of the franchise, was born Jan.

Batman (Christian Bale) - Batman Wiki

Batman (Christian Bale)

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Awesome. I would settle for Christian Bale Batman at least SAYING he knows stuff. Even if we never see him using the knowledge. Avengers let Iron Man and Hulk be cool while still being super-smart scientists. I love the parts with them hanging out in the lab.

Bruce Wayne FTW

Hahaha:) Bruce Wayne (Batman), Tony Stark (Ironman), and Captain America.