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I can see Ben, Slendy, Masky, Hoodie and laughing jack

Am I the only one to notice Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman(Sexual offenderman,sorry), Ben and Eyeless Jack in the last place?<<< I noticed too

Laughing Jack

Speed Paint - So i mad Laughing Jack the moment he disintegrated to his colorless form. Laughing Jack(in a box) - Disintegrating

Laughing Jack favourites by Midnight--Comet on DeviantArt

Laughing Jack belongs Rainbow, Faded, Monochrome and Negative

Insanity, the weight of the air is torture by gaaraxel-13 on DeviantArt

Insanity, the weight of the air is torture by - Laughing Jack


He grabbed one of the chains with one hand while he held out the other to Lilibeth: "Give me the knife: I'll give it back when we get home." LILIBETH it.