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Watch Out!!! http://dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/where-you-will-get-hacked-infographic8001.png

How To Hacker-Proof Your Life [Infographic]

Can you be completely anonymous online? #anonymous #educationalmedia

How Pirates Pirate Stuff: How Bad Guys Steal Movies, Music, and Games Online

How To Create The Perfect Password  http://www.wonderoftech.com/strong-passwords/

How to Create a Strong Password and Why You Should Do This Now [Infographic]

tips and pieces of advice on how to develop good manners online. Look at it as a code of online ethics to recommend not only to your students but to your kids as well. You can also print it and hang it on your classroom wall to constantly remind students of what is expected from them while using the world wide web

Digital citizenship - Manners matter: The students need to learn what they can do and what they must not do. It gives students the Do's and the Don'ts of using the internet and social media.

WARNING: Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam | The Daily Sheeple. Originally pinned by: Carole Trese Swanson   (2/15/2014)  Health: Problems  (CTS)

"Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Scam"

How to heal FREE!!!!

Soil Microbes And Human Health – Learn About The Natural Antidepressant In Soil

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John Sweeney: Why Church of Scientology's gravest threat is the 'net :: A beautiful machine for free speech, says BBC reporter. By Ollie Henry via The Register.

Automatic Wi-Fi roam, signup and billing via SIM card to be tested

Do you know who's watching you ? INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

Internet Privacy make sure your social network is private and that your able to manage your privacy settings. You never know whos watching.

Can We Stop A Traumatized Child From Becoming A Traumatized Adult?

Can We Stop A Traumatized Child From Becoming A Traumatized Adult?

21 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015 Webadocious - Big Marketing for Small and Mid-size Businesses

Security Warning: Disable Java Now... the new hack isn't slated for an update until October and leaves your computer vunerable.  Instructions on how to turn off Java with browser specific instructions.  Read though the article and figure out what you need to do to keep your information secure.

Security Warning: Disable Java Now

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, wrestles with the distinction between privacy and anonymity. "Privacy is incredibly important. Privacy is not the same thing as anonymity. It's very important that Google and everyone else respects people's privacy. People have a right to privacy; it's natural; it's normal. It's the right way to do things." Speaking on CNBC and on page 185 of the book, "Are you naked online? Protecting Your Internet Identity" by Ted Claypoole and Theresa Payton. Boycott Google!

Surveillance: The government isn’t spying on us; Google is spying on us, and the government is asking Google for certain results.

This is not a "conspiracy theory" anymore. I wouldn't post such nonsense. This is real & it's against the Fourth Amendment. It should be a bipartisan issue because it's a Bill of Rights issue.

You never know who you have shared your personal information with as you are always asked to create an account where you are required to fill your personal information to access online services. What happens with your information? Does that online service company take care of your privacy? Before sharing your privacy with any website, make sure it is legitimate so that your any information may not get leaked.

Improve Your Internet Security #infographic

Infographic on How Many Pounds of Textile Americans Trash Every Year...An eye opener.

A collection of informative infographics exploring fashion topics like textile waste, textile fibers, fair trade, and the history of the bikini.