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Fotografía: Eduardo Gonzáles Guerrero- Italia- Venecia

Fotografía: Eduardo Gonzáles Guerrero- Italia- Venecia

Church of the Familia in Barcelona Spain.  Breathtakingly beautiful!

10 Tourist Attractions not to miss in Europe. La Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic Church, in Barcelona.

حمام تاریخی سلطان امیر احمد -کاشان Iran, Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath by Ali Majdfar, via Flickr

Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath, Kashan, Iran from the Angelique de Paris Incredible Places Board / olokosmon / fontaine / bassin / perspective / arche / cercle / thermes / bains

Menton, Cote d'Azur, France. Ментон. Лазурный Берег, Франция.

Menton in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France. Known as la perle de la France.

Where I would really love to visit....Mountain of the Gods - Mount Nermut, Turkey

Mountain of the Gods --Ruins on Mount Nemrut, Turkey, burial site of kings, date from the first century B. These statues were made by the people of the ancient Kingdom of Commagene, located in SE Turkey near the Syrian Border.

All I wanted for Christmas was to spend it in Chicago.

50 Reasons Chicago Is Second To NO City

LOVE and miss chi town I love public parks in the winter. So pretty when they get all decorated up. Here is Watertower Place, Chicago, Illinois

Colmar, France. We stayed in the bright yellow building with the brown trim!

Is it any wonder that I adore flower boxes, shutters and colorful stucco houses? The home of my ancestors, Colmar, Alsace, France

Carcassone, France. www.victortravelblog.com/2013/04/30/cite-de-carcassonne/

City and fortress.I'd love to go with him there on a vacation someday!

✮ The Amir Chakmak Mosque in Yazd - Iran // Yazd Province is called centre of Zoroastrian culture, an example of a religious site

Astarte Suites Santorini, Greece

21 Amazing Hotels You Need to Visit Before You Die - Astarte Suits Hotel, Greece - Website: astartesuites.