Inspirado en el proceso tradicional de elaboración, nace CONVITE, un mezcal que ofrece una experiencia premium al cuidar el más mínimo detalle en su preparación para poder obtener un destilado que cumple con las expectativas de los paladares más exigentes. Convite se caracteriza por la calidad en cada uno de sus procesos, desde la selección del agave, una fermentación al natural con agua de manantial, y una destilación cuidadosa en alambique de cobre, sin sabores adicionales, para destacar…

Mezcal de agaves Espadín y Madrecuixe.

backbone branding

Inventive Constellations and Animals Packaging Day & Night is a graphic project masterfully imagined by the Armenian artists Stepan Azaryan, Lilit Arshakyan and Anahit Margaryan from Backbone Branding. The several products of the range (beer, water, whis

Another company that does a buy one, share one that I absolutely love. I haven't done any research to see where the sponsored bottle goes, i.e. a certain country, state, neighborhood, I still really like the concept of it. This water isn't sold anywhere in my local area, so I would need to research where it is sold. Perhaps it is a newer product that hasn't made it's way here yet.

For every bottle purchased People Water will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need.

Packaging / Noa Relaxation by Super Tuesday

30 Beautiful & Creative Bottle Designs

Amazing photography style Photography ideas: staging your comic with related props. For example, these bottles are staged with the fruit that is in their ingredients.

The Francis Ford Coppoloa "Carmine" Wine Jug was designed by Sfaustina. The story goes Francis' father Carmine used to keep wine jugs in his basement where young Francis would play. One day Francis tried to carry a jug from one side of the basement to the other with a pencil through the handle, but the pencil broke and the jug smashed. This design is to recreate Francis' childhood...

30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs


For its 2012 holiday gift, branding firm Up Inc sent clients a handcrafted bottle of traditional-method sparkling wine.